"Water is Life"

Mixed media original

15" Round Floating Frame

 Laureen has had a talent for art from a young age and her innate skills and creativity earned her a College Scholarship while still in High School.  Although her passion for Art has been a constant in her, she has only recently been able to pursue her talent full-time.  A devoted mother and provider for her family, Laureen became a Registered Nurse to support her children; Serving her community by taking care of the critically ill for 33 years.  Now as her dreams have come to fruition Laureen has experienced great fulfillment and success.  Her unique mixed media creations have received awards and recognition at a professional level  She finds joy through bringing beauty into the world..

Laureen talks about her Art:

"Nature is what inspires me,  I have a great love and respect for the outdoors.  As an avid gardener and explorer of the wild open spaces, I see and feel the phenomenal beauty that is all around us.  I have respect and appreciation for Native American and Celtic Cultures.  Their understanding of natures' cycles and balances inspire me.and show in my work.  Mixed Media is my favorite way of creating.  Mixing paint, pen & ink, watercolor, pastels, wood, fiber, stones and hand crafted papers allow a simple piece to take on a life of its own.  I love to create jewelry and sculptures as well, mixing metal, wood and stones in unique ways to tell a story about mother earths treasures.  I don't believe I have a particular style to my art, I am guided by the love of creating, watching myself develop as I become the artist I have always been, but now have the time to be."

 Artist Laureen McArdle

Fifthwind Trading Company llc

Owner/Artist Laureen McArdle